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Our trucks are suited for all of your needs for transport. We can provide you with transportation for events like convoys, truckfests and more!
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Truck fleet

Comfort and safety is very important in Excellent-Trans. Every year we update our trucks so that we can offer our customers the latest models and features. The average age of our trucks is 5 years!

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Truck City-Trips

Excellent-Trans is in the years a famous City-Trip expert in the ATS/ETS2MP WoTr world. Since we have our quotation system and our own City-Trips. Take a look at the current City-Trips

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About us

Excellent Transport is a virtual truck company VTC for the game WoTr World Of Trucks Multiplayer VTC  “Euro Truck Simulator 2” and “American Truck Simulator”2015-11-11_00002
our first journey and start was at 28 july 2015
The basic colours for our company is purple (light) and red !
In Holland there is a company thats driving busses (coaches) in Holland to Spain, Italy Croatia, England and many more destinations!
So it was fun to create a truck company of it in the same basic colours!

What is Excellent-Trans ?

Excellent Transport Holland is a virtual truck company that helps with many events from other company’s.8997005
You can hire us by clicking and filling the quotation form.
You can also drive here, fill in our application form to get a chance for it.

Excellent Transport brings joy in your events, we are a company that exist more then 6 months!
Want to hire a big amount of trucks? no problem! our professional drivers are happy to drive for you with all happiness
We have many city-trips on our schedule and travelling around Europe in new trucks, they are not older then 5 years.
For a better view about our vehicles please check out our FLEET page.

Excellent-Trans TruckNet

Since 21 novembre 2015 we are using TruckNet 1.5 powered by StuartD.

We are happy to announce our own log system and not a third party from myvtc.
All our drivers can register on TruckNet and they will get verified by a admin on TruckNet.

Everything like logging your rides is very easy and you can get information out of every journey you end,
so its very important to save statistics special for the TruckNet.
Soon we will receive TruckNet 1.6, then we are ready for the future and more things special for our drivers.

Check TruckNet here!